Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The capital city of Siam was “Odia”

Portugal, WHAT?????

I mean….okay….see…….

Portugal start contacting Thailand aka Siam back then, in the 16th century. so 15xx

And back then, The capital city was Ayutthaya. or can also read Ayodhya, after another city in India.

Myanmar aka Burma, called it Yodia. (Take out the “A” and read “Yodhya” really fast)

So…….Portugal, I have no idea who is it you start using after.

but.. Odia?

*is laughing so hard my tummy hurts*

*It actually sounded so cool. Like some medieval fantasy city name that would appear in really cool colorful fantasy games*


  1. delneity said: Yes good B]a Please be my SE Asia History Prof, it would be SO much more fun!
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